Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do You Ping?

I ping every time I update a lens (well only once a day not if I’ve updated it several times in a row!!). A ping is the way you let search engines know you’re there it’s the equivalent of leaving your business card in someone’s letterbox when you call and they’re not home.

Sending out pings does help you to get your lenses indexed by google, but what about other sites?

I use squidutils to ping my lenses, but if I’ve done a blog post I often used to ‘forget’ to ping it, the same with my hubs and articles that I’ve written. The solution is to use another ping tool and the one I generally use is pingomatic. I’m not sure if it’s the best, but it was one I was recommended and I’ve found it works well.

I have seen pingoat recommended on squidu, but I haven’t tried it. So don’t just ping your lenses, ping everything :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Favorite Lens for Fresh Squid

When I first came to Squidoo I knew nothing about HTML or SEO or anything like that .....and you could tell! The lens that I would constantly refer to was Basic HTML for Squidoo, it’s one that I am constantly recommending to people and to be honest I still refer to it to this day. Now I’m pretty handy with my HTML these days, but sometimes I just can’t think how to do something that I haven’t done in a while so I pop over to Glen’s lens and if this one doesn’t have the answer his advanced or color one will do.

What has been your favorite lens since you began your Squidoo journey?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Many Lensographies?

A while ago someone asked in Squidu whether they had enough lenses for a lensography and it got to making me feel guilty – I’m never up to date with my main lensography! I don’t think it’s ever to early to start one and that way you’ll get into the habit of updating it every time you make a new lens. My main lensography doesn’t have all of my lenses on it however, I am nudging 300 lenses so it would be quite an ask. What I have done is created several different lensographies and linked to them as well as some ‘lonely’ lenses.

How many lensographies do I have? Well to be completely honest I can’t remember as I’m writing this!! I just realized how many Hannah Montana lenses I had so I created a lensography for Hannah Montana as well which also included my hubs on Hannah Montana bedrooms. This is the key to interlinking when it comes to lensographies do not stick to just squidoo…..

One of my bigger lensographies is Lou’s Cocktail Lounge and this includes links to two different article sites, a blog, hubs as well as all of my Squidoo lenses. It’s great to link out to several different places and to have a home for everything cocktail related that I’ve done online.

I’ve quickly counted up at least 8 lensographies in my head and I know I need to do a few more. Once you have about 5 lenses in a particular niche I think it’s time to make a lensography to keep them all together. Using the interlinking lenses techniques that we’ve talked about before you can add your lensography to each of the lenses within that niche and you’ll find that you will increase your internal traffic within that niche.

How many lensographies should you have? There is no answer, have as many different lensographies as you have niches and you’ll find it a lot easier to promote your lenses in various different places.