Friday, February 4, 2011

Sales Don't Know If People Like You!

An extra post for you this week, no tips though just an observation :)

I was looking at my stats today and I have 100 likes on my top lens - woo hoo! This got me thinking that it was probably my second most 'liked' lens and it was - the most amount of likes I have is for my How to Earn on Squidoo lens which is sitting at 193 likes. I know there are lenses with thousands of likes, but they're not mine :(

Then I thought well I wonder how many of my lenses have no likes at all - judging by how far I had to scroll down about a third. Now I could start to get depressed, thinking that nobody likes me, but instead I thought well likes are like lensranks - your sales don't know if anyone likes your lenses.

I started looking at my lenses with no likes to see how many of them had sales on them -

25 lenses with no likes had sales and the sales came to $35.13.

Well I can put away the tissues because I know not everyone can visit all of my lenses and as long as people who are looking to buy find them then I'm a happy camper!

How many lenses do you have that need a little love? I must admit when I look at mine they are ones that slipped through the cracks of getting promoted and I'll start spiffing them up and posting them in places to get them noticed and hopefully they'll achieve a few likes along the way!


  1. How true. You can't bank popularity.

  2. It is nice to have both though :)

  3. You are so right. While it is nice to know someone appreciates READING your lens, it isn't as nice as someone appreciating the products you are providing, and 'likes' don't pay the bills. Right now in the forum there is discussion (yet again) of the value of sales lenses, and maybe I am just being hopeful but there does seem to be a slight swing towards acknowledging that there is a place on Squidoo for them. Hopefully it will continue.

  4. I love reading those discussions because having been on Squidoo a long time I see people who used to be anti-sales lenses who are now backing them and I have a quiet smile to myself! I must put my hand up though and say when I was a baby squid I didn't 'get' why people wrote sales lenses, but back then my job hadn't been outsourced and Squidoo was just a hobby :)

  5. Good observation. I don't think non-members of Squidoo even see the squidlike buttons, so they really don't care.