Sunday, May 15, 2011

Re-Assessing Yearly Targets

Today is my birthday and I don't know if it's a sign that I'm getting old, but I do seem to be getting very introspective on my birthdays which is why I thought it was a good time to review where I'm going with my online income this year and reassess what I need to do.

May is a great time to do this because we're not quite at the halfway mark yet and so we have lots of time to prepare for what is traditionally the most profitable quarter of the year - the final quarter.

As far as Squidoo goes I'm a little behind in some areas, my last pay was better than I expected although it is heading down which was to be expected as I've been changing over links.   This process of changing links over may just have got quicker thanks to a tip from susannaduffy on Squidu - I have been uploading pictures and adding my own links to amazon instead of using the spotlight module or the personal review as I believe it's correct name is now.   According to Susanna you can add your associate text link into the space where it asks for an ASIN - what a great tip and why didn't I know I could do that?!

Although my pay through Squidoo may be heading down my affiliate income is heading up at the same time with the result that I'm getting the same amount of online income as I have been.   I was expecting it to have increased more because my hubs were making great money before the panda update, luckily they seem to be recovering, but the google adsense income hasn't been what I predicted.

How are your targets looking?  

Now is the time to start planning, if you haven't already.   If you have planned then reassess how you're going and start some regular routines.

I am working harder on backlinks because the pages that were affected most by panda were ones that didn't have many (or any in some cases) backlinks.   I have been much better about setting up backlinks these days and interlinking my own work, but when I first started out I was shocking!

I am also going to use Susanna's tip to update more of my links - it will be alot quicker.

I'm updating and expanding niches which are successful and doing so in a more organized fashion.

I'm using my Outlook to set reminders to do certain things each day to add value to my online income (at the moment these are non-squidoo related).

What is the one thing you are going to do right now to either get back on track or to stay on track with your online earnings?


  1. oh my! great tip...I'm going to have to try putting my own associate link in the AISN area for sure!
    My weekly squidoo hop post disappeared this week with the blogger glitch, but I hope you will consider adding your posts such as this each week.
    I need all the help I can get in the earning area and I'm sure others do too!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. I do need to learn more about blog hopping Marsha, but I'll definitely try and remember to do it.

  3. Happy Birthday. And thanks for sharing Susanna's tip, which I completely missed in Squidu, but will be checking out. So, if I understand correctly, we can use the Amazon spotlight module and put in our associate id by using the HTML portion of the text link in our associate account. If that is correct, that is a huge time saver. Thanks!!!

  4. I've found out a little more thanks to someone else who commented on the same thread - you get your text link and you only need to highlight the url and paste that into the spotlight - I've also tried it out on the standard amazon module and it seems to work - huge time saver as you said.....guess what I've been busy doing?

  5. Hope you had a happy birthday. Pay for blogging? Sounds good to me. I don't earn anything but would love to.