Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do You Squidboo?

Squidboo is a template designed for Halloween and if you’re still making your Halloween lenses there is actually a Get Cracking contest on Squidu at the moment for people to make Squidboo lenses this month. Now I think that your Halloween lenses should have already been made by now, but I haven’t been able to resist joining in :)

If you have a number of lenses on Halloween already, but didn’t remember/think of or even know that Squidboo existed it’s well worth doing a Halloween lensography using the Squidboo template and linking to your other Halloween lenses. It’s basically another ‘door’ into Squidoo with it’s own searchable Squidoo Halloween index (another backlink) and the possibility of Bonnie (who organizes Squidboo Blast) blogging and tweeting about it.

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