Monday, March 21, 2011

Twitter Paper News

Swimming With Giant Squids is now a paper!   Welcome to Swimming with Giant Squids News!   If you are a subscriber to this blog and you are also on twitter be sure to contact me through my Squidoo profile or leave a comment in this blog with your twitter user name.   Why?   Well I have set Swimming with Giant Squids News up to pull on tweets from my subscribers (to this blog) who add the #squidoo to their tweets - I'd hate to miss you out because you weren't on the list.

I don't know if this will help your Squidoo as I'm afraid I have a very patchy past with Twitter.   Sometimes I'll tweet and then months will go by and I haven't signed in!   I recently got a couple of hits from a paper li, however which is why I thought I would set this up.   If you haven't heard of paper li it's basically an online newspaper that  pulls it's news from Twitter.   I don't know anymore than that, but if you're familiar please leave information in the comments for us all to share.

A proper post is in the works (.....well it will be) so don't feel short changed by this quick note :)


  1. Fun. I have two. RhondaAlbom and Laugh_Quotes I know not very original.

  2. Yes, I've got both of yours on the list already Rhonda - how have you found the paper li?

  3. I'm confused about the paper li thing.

  4. The paper li is like an online newspaper that just pulls content from twitter so if someone is interested in a topic they can subscribe to a paper li on that topic.

    When you set up a paper li (as I've done for Swimming with Giant Squids News) you can select where you want the information to come from. I have added the twitter a/cs (that I know) of people who are following this blog as potential contributors to the 'paper'.

    You also need to put in a search term and I've made this Squidoo which means that if you put #squidoo on any of your tweets they will show up in this 'newspaper' or paper li.

    Using the #squidoo will also see you showing up in squidoo daily and another paper li that just searches for #squidoo from anybody.