Tuesday, February 2, 2010

80s Movies Tees

Yes it’s the big reveal….I was working on an 80s Movie Tees lens. I already had A Nightmare on Elm Street Tees lens which has made sales and is interlinked with a number of relevant lenses. I found, however that a number of classic 80s movies had a lot of t-shirts available so I had to make a few other lenses to link to –

Scarface Tees
Blues Brothers Tees
Rocky Tees

I made the offshoot lenses (above) first before publishing the 80s Movies Tees. I haven’t optimized or promoted any of them yet as I’ve been juggling too many balls, but let’s look at what I have done.

The first one I made was the Blues Brothers one. The first thing you’ll notice (if you remember any of my other lenses) is that I haven’t changed any of the AllPosters text. I was basically just trying to get these lenses posted so that I could work on them over the next week.

I tried a new technique in this lens where I copied a picture of a shirt from Amazon and uploaded it to the Polaroid module and then going into my associates account got the referral url and uploaded that so that if anyone clicks on the tee to buy it I’ll get the commission.

If I had filled the lens with text modules and amazon spotlights and just listed tees it would be a pretty boring looking lens so I decided to add a little more value. I added a poll and a text plexo which will hopefully increase interaction and the longer a Blues Brother’s fan stays on the page (I hope) the more chance they’ll buy a tee :)

The next lens I made was the Scarface one. In this one I used the blackbox module in a red to add a tee from Shareasale. I just uploaded the html code that they gave me straight into the module. Red seemed an appropriate color for Scarface, plus it’s supposed to be a buying color and I’ll take any subliminal help I can get!

Now this lens is basically just a list of tees so I decided to add a link list module with lots of different fan sites for fans of the movie. I think it needs quite a bit more work, but it’s okay for an initial lens.

Finally I did the Rocky Tees lens. I couldn’t believe that the original Rocky was in 1976 as I always think of it as an 80s lens, but by doing a separate lens I was able to span the 30 years between the first and last movies.

I’ve added two poll modules which could lead to more lenses depending on results, but I’m not planning on any just yet.

I’ve also broken the tees up into sections ie Rocky, Mickey’s Gym etc and have written a couple of sentences about each to help break up the tees a bit without detracting from them. I also incorporated one of the tees in an attempt to get people to leave comments. I’m probably going to get my own associate code and uplink the tee straight into the guestbook module eventually. As I said I just wanted to get the lenses published quickly before working on getting them just right.

Yesterday I finally published my actual 80s movie tees lens. I’ve added a custom vertical table of contents thanks to Greekgeek. Again I’ve basically just added a list of tees and I haven’t even changed the text from AllPosters or Zazzle.

I was also planning on incorporating this to another lens of mine, but I need to expand that lens somewhat as it’s very sparse. It was based on an idea from Seth Godin, but it’s never really worked. I also need to work on my updating my 80s Movie Store so that I can promote that in conjunction with these lenses.

The reasoning behind so many tees is that they are evergreen. I have some seasonal lenses that make sales, but I want to make sales all year so I also need to work on evergreen sales. They say you should write about what you love and the 80s were my youth and full of memories so they’re an ideal thing for me to write about.

I already have a few tee lenses and although they don’t get a lot of traffic they seem to make sales – only small ones, but they all add up. Personally I buy tees, my hubby buys tees, our friends buy tees – it seems a good thing to sale :)

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