Saturday, April 17, 2010


Backlinks are very important in getting your lenses noticed by the search engines. The best backlinks tend to be the organic ones, but these are ones that you have no control over....technically anyway. If you write great authority lenses which people like then they will link to you when they find you which creates organic backlinks. I have some great backlinks for some of my lenses/hubs/articles etc from places such as the NY Times, Daily Mail, LA Times, NHS, Haverford University etc these are backlinks which are fantastic, but how did I get them?

By ranking well in Google the ‘right’ person was able to find my page, by creating great and relevant information that person decided to link to my page. The problem? How do you rank well in Google? This is the billion dollar question that we’d all like to answer, but one of the things that will help is to create backlinks yourself.

We mentioned Social Bookmarking yesterday and this is one way in which you can create backlinks. Another way used to be groups, but they are now ‘dead’, however like a phoenix rising from the ashes we have the Squid Clubs. There should be a lot of these being ‘born’ in the coming weeks and if you can find one in your niche they should provide you with another backlink.

Christine has been keeping a list of all of the Squid Clubs on her blog so check it out and see if you’d like to belong to one or more of them.

I also believe that interlinking your lenses are a great idea and you’ll know how to do this if you’ve read my how to interlink your lenses lens. It’s also a great idea to blog about your lenses and link to them from other sources such as hubs, articles or your own websites. Create enough links and the search engines will acknowledge you, but personally I prefer to do this using original content each time....some believe this doesn’t matter, but remember you also want to attract organic backlinks which will only happen with great, original, informative and easy to read information.

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