Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping Your Lenses Fresh

How often do you update your lenses? I don’t spend a lot of time updating mine unless there’s been some big change or I’ve ‘discovered’ something that I want to add to my lenses and then it takes me quite a while because of the amount I have.

I keep my lenses fresh by adding google blogs to some of them and I thought that this was a great idea for keeping them updated. Last week a fellow lensmaster (I believe it was Jeffry) posted in Squidu that he had done some research with some of his lenses and had found that Squidoo didn’t seem to recognize the blogs as updating the lenses as much as adding an ebay module would.

I don’t have a lot of ebay modules in my lenses, although I’ve been gradually adding more and I’ve made some nice commissions where I do have them. Should we be adding an ebay module to all of our lenses? It’s certainly an idea to think about.

Keeping to something relevant is the problem I will have with some of mine, but on another site I came across an interesting hub where the person added an ebay capsule as a bit of humor to the end with a comment similar to - and you can even buy a set of steak knives. Now he hasn’t sold any steak knives on this hub apparently, but if we employed a similar technique to our lenses it may help with our lensranking which could help our visibility and tier payments.

Please note I haven’t tried this (yet), but it’s definitely food for thought.


  1. never occurred to me that the changing of auctions on ebay would keep a lens fresh.
    I try to update just a little thing, one at a time, on at least 1 lens per day...and pretty much in order of how they are written in my handy dandy notebook.
    There are so many ways to do a little update, like change the theme, add something new with amazon, adding follow me on twitter, finding a new relevant video to add, adding a squidom banner, in my case adding the I'm a Rocket Mom graduate banner. The list is pretty endless on small updates you can do to keep the lenses fresh.

  2. You're right Marsha there's lots of things you can do to keep a lens fresh, I was really talking about the ebay module because it's a way to keep a lens fresh when you're time poor - automated freshness so to speak.