Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Updates and Looking Forward

Hubby's back at work today and the sky is actually blue which is great so it's time for us to recap on 2010 and see if we've learned anything which can help us as we enter not just a new year, but a new decade!

When I first started this blog I made a lens to demonstate how important niche was, now long time readers will remember that things didn't quite go as planed!   However I've been happy with the results I have had, here's where you can recap on the HIMYM t-shirt lens and the steps I took.

HIMYM Part 1
HIMYM Part 2
HIMYM Part 3
HIMYM Part 4
HIMYM Part 5
HIMYM Part 6
HIMYM Update

HIMYM Update

So what do I think of my HIMYM experiment?   I'm pretty happy with it, although it certainly isn't one of my biggest earners it has made a bit of money so let's see how we're ranking in Google -

how i met your mother t-shirt - #5
how i met your mother tee - #6
himym tee - #2
himym t-shirt - #8

These rankings are a lot better than we had to start with which shows that sometimes you need to add time to the equation so January is still a great time to make Christmas lenses that will have time to 'percolate' for next Christmas!

My How I Met Your Mother Tees lens is currently in Tier 2 while my 'supporting lenses' (Barney Stinson and Barney Stinson for President) are both in Tier 3.

I've received $19.83 from this lens and I have just under $3.00 on my dashboard.
My other two lenses have earned me a grand total of $2.75.

Every month my hub on the Bro Code is making me a few dollars on Google, unfortunately I can't reveal exact figures as it's against adsense toc, but it's aroundabout the amount on my dashboard for my HIMYM tee lens.

Amazon shows $1.96 for purchases which have definately come from the hub, but of course it's hard to track which hub was responsible for some of the spending sprees so it could have netted me a lot more than that.

My article on Bukisa also gets a lot of views and is responsible for just under half of my earnings on there.   

For the time involved and the lesson to do a search on google using site: instead of relying on Squidoo's search next time I don't think it's too bad of a payoff especially considering that it's at the best ranking it's been so far which means it can only get better!

My other experiment in 2010 was with the Chitika ads, but to be honest I haven't implemented this on enough lenses and had a chance to analyse the results that well yet, but I'll report back when I have.

Looking forward I've decided to create a second account as I told you all last time my Lensmaster name is Legofun and (as the name suggests) it's devoted to the world's favorite building blocks - Lego!   I have a whole 1 fan at the moment so I'd love some visitors (hint, hint!)

At the moment I have 5 published lenses under this account and one of them  is in tier 2, another tier 3 while the other 3 are way down.   They have already found Google traffic which is great.   Going into 2011 I will be updating you with how I'm managing this account and seeing if a non-Giant can earn decent money.   I'll continue to write posts on my tips as well.

Here's to a prosperous New Year for everyone.


  1. Thanks for the update and insight. I am enjoying following and learning from you.

  2. Congrats on these successes and great rankings.

  3. You are my inspiration. Thanks for the update.

  4. I say great job for earning what you did.


  5. Thanks for commenting guys, I just logged in this morning to see another $6 waiting for me on the himym lens so I should've left the post for another day!!!