Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Google Update for How I Met Your Mother Tees

My How I Met Your Mother Tees was listed at number 9 on Google an hour after I had written it which I thought was pretty amazing – thanks to my daughter who wanted to see because I wouldn’t have checked it so quickly myself :)

Fast forward 24 hours and my Squidoo lens isn’t even in the top 50 on Google, however my Xomba link is at number 10 and number 11 and my She Told Me link is at number 12. Should I panic – no. This has happened to me before and within a day (sometimes two) my lens has again appeared on the front page – I call it a Google hiccup. If this happens to you just keep on promoting the lens and creating other lenses/articles/hubs to interlink with it. If after a three or four days it doesn’t seem to be listed then maybe you might want to have a look at making sure your keywords are in your titles and adding fresh content ie new tees, a little more text etc. If this doesn’t work then to be honest I tend to just move on.....sometimes it just suddenly appears on Google when it’s a little more aged and sometimes it just doesn’t.

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