Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How I Met Your Mother Part 3

After I had finished my lens I would normally do the discovery tool, tags and lensrolling, but I don’t actually have other related lenses at the moment so all I did was twittered it and posted it on Rocket Moms. If you’re new to Squidoo you could post it on the Squidu forum under Critique Me and you should get some great feedback. It you’ve already done a few lenses and have decided that you want to aim for Giant Squid status then you’ll be able to list your new lenses in the So You Want To Be A Giant Squid part of the forum.

Now it’s great to get the traffic from fellow Squidooers, but they won’t be buying so don’t worry too much. Do you belong to any social networking groups such as Facebook? I don’t belong to Facebook so I’m not sure how you list your lenses, but apparently you can – I have had traffic from Facebook where someone must’ve listed one of my lenses so I know it can work. Obviously the best traffic would be from a forum that is interested in what you’re writing about so if you belong to an Elvis online appreciation forum and you write a lens on collectible Elvis plates then you should post your link there…….hmmm not a bad idea(!)

Now what we’re really after is search engine traffic to help us make sales so one thing that I can control is creating more links and one of the things that I’m going to do is create another lens that I can interlink with this one. Another is to list it on a few sites that also make me (a little) money.

Redgage – I don’t do much on this site, so I haven’t made much money (under a dollar I believe), but it does give me a backlink and (sometimes) traffic.

Xomba – I joined this a while ago and didn’t do much with it, I’ve just decided I really have to promote more so I’m adding a link in here.

She told me – when I first trailed this site I had a lot of success with traffic, but no money…..now the traffic has dwindled, but Google still seems to like it and the money has started to come my way through both Google and Chitika (I received my first payment from them in December – and all I’ve done is put them on She Told Me).

Then there are Squidcasts – you will have to wait until you have a green tick next to your lens before you can send a squidcast which is usually after it updates when you’re first starting. I’m guilty of not using squidcasts as often as I should and yet I get good feedback when I do use them DOH!

I have been told that you should email five of your friends when you make a new lens…..I’ve never done that, but if you want to try it go for it. Unfortunately my friends don’t really ‘get’ my online activities, even when they’re trying to be supportive!

Tomorrow I’ll take you through the next steps, if you’re following along with your own lenses please list them in the comments and let me know how you’re going. I’d love to see your work.


  1. This is all good stuff, Louanne. I'm really enjoying following your process. I'm also guilty of not using Squidcasts and will make more of an effort to use them more.

  2. Thanks Lynne, I'm glad you're finding it useful.