Monday, January 18, 2010

How I Met Your Mother - Part 1

I was watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs the other night and I thought I need a t-shirt that says Suit Up for my hubby. I decided to look and see if I could find any such tee and yes there one was, along with others. Then I had a look on Squidoo to see if anyone else had made a lens on this – no!

My current mission is to release the How I Met Your Mother Tees lens and then to make some more lenses to interlink and share the traffic love between them. Interlinking lenses can be great. I have some that share a lot of traffic backwards and forwards – just make sure that each lens can stand on its own.

My early lenses (and some of them are still guilty of this) were very broad, the most profitable ones are much more narrow in focus. Search google for How I Met Your Mother and you get 52,300,000 results, search for How I Met Your Mother Tees and you get 581,000. This means that it will probably be easier to get onto the first page of google. What about traffic? I hear what you’re saying, but you want people poised to buy coming to your lens as opposed to people after information don’t you?

I made a very focused ‘niche, niche’ lens which barely makes double figures every day, but the visits that it gets are people ready to buy and the ratio of visitors to buyers is really high – I’d rather have 100 of these lenses than 100 of my high traffic lenses. My high traffic lenses which get tens of thousands or thousands of hits every week actually have very few people who purchase and so the visitor/buyer ratio is low.

Does this mean you shouldn’t chase traffic? Not necessarily, you may manage to get a high visitor/buyer ratio on a lens that gets tens of thousands of hits a day in which case you’ll be rolling in it. What I have done with my high traffic lenses is watch the stats and based on the stats I have made new lenses with a more narrow focus – one of these has made an amazing number of sales.

Come back tomorrow (or subscribe to my rss feed) to see my lens and I’ll take you through what I’m going to do with it and my stats as they occur.

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