Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Extra Long Weekend and HIMYM Tee Update

Well I had a fantastic long weekend, but I didn’t quite manage to stay away from Squidoo :) I decided to leave the How I Met Your Mother Tees well alone and instead I worked on a few other things. I published a St Patrick’s Day Tees (which I linked to HIMYM tees……I know that’s not leaving it alone, but…), St Patrick’s Day Aprons for last week’s Rocketmoms assignment and my very first Zazzle lens. The Zazzle lens – Men’s Designer Ties by Lou is a first for me and today I’ll have to post it on the Zazzle group to get their feedback.

This morning I searched on Google for How I Met Your Mother tees really not expecting to find it and we’re back on the front page at number 7 – woo hoo! Unfortunately the traffic has slowed down to a mere trickle, not that it was that fast to start with! My plan is to leave all the HIMYM related lenses this week and see how they percolate by themselves before revisiting them with the rest of my ideas. Sometimes I find that leaving them alone can work wonders for a fairly new lens and they can take on their own identity. Keeping an eye on the traffic searches that lead people there can help you determine how you should develop the lens.

Well I’ve already published my thoughts for the day I just wanted to give you an update as well so until (hopefully) tomorrow I’ll leave you to your own Squidooing.

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